Simple Todo app in Go for Beginners (Demo)

Simple Todo app in Go for Beginners (Demo)


This is a simple Todo application developed in Go.

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The scope of this article is just to illustrate the features/specs of this Repo. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to build, please skip this article. As well as this repo is developed for absolute beginners.

This repo is neither a Production nor a stable version. As well as don't expect any database connections or any third party integrations.

This repo has 5 endpoints.


  • for creating todo's (E.g : {"title" : "Some task 1" , "completed" : false }


  • for listing all the todo's


  • for reading a Todo by id


  • for deleting a Todo by id


  • for updating a Todo by id(E.g : {"title" : "Updated Task details 1", "completed": true}

Deploy to Cloud

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If you have any questions or looking for a tutorial then please use the comment section.